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The Big Difference Between a Head High and a Body High

What are we talking about when we say head high and a body high?

What is a head high?

It is described as a euphoric feeling of bliss centralized in the head. This type of high usually alters the mental perception of subjective ideas. Head highs feel like little tingly electric ripples flowing through your brain, sending a chill through your spine (in a good way). Head highs are typically associated with sativa-dominant strains.

They are also more likely to occur if you medicate by inhaling through your lungs (i.e. Smoking) People report feeling self-reflective, creative, analytic, and contemplative. Artists really benefit from this type of high, as it is mentally liberating. It also can steer some pretty deep existential questions.

What is a body high?

Have you ever had that feeling where your limbs seem to be weightless, and your whole body is surging with a tranquilizing numbness that makes you feel that if you sank into your couch any deeper, you’d end up in another dimension? That’s what a body high feels like.

They are typically associated with indica-dominant strains. People report feeling sedative, relaxed and relieved of pain. Body highs are also more likely to occur if you medicate by absorption through the liver (i.e. taking edibles).

Which strain feels better?

That totally depends on what you like! Some people prefer one over the other, while others say it depends on what you’re doing while and after you medicate. Personally, I prefer head highs because it allows my creativity to flow uninhibited and allows me to channel inspiration. I don’t mind body highs either, but I don’t want to feel like my arms are detached while I’m trying to draw or play games.

If you’re just hanging out at your house binge-watching your comfort show and snacking away, then you may want to look for a strain that gives a body high. If you’re spontaneously writing a novel, or into songwriting, or just need a creative kick, you’d reap more benefits from a strain that brings a head high.

Main Differences between a head high and a body high

It really comes down to how you medicate and your body’s cannabinoid system’s process of particular strains. Now that modern cannabis has become more hybridized, it’s hard to find specific strains that provide those indica or sativa effects. Both experiences of head high and a body high can be amazing, and some pretty interesting (and hilarious) moments can come from them.

The Difference Between a Head High and a Body High

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