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Ways to Medicate If You Don’t Smoke

What are ways to Medicate if you don’t smoke?

Every patient has their own medicating routine. Some smoke, some dab, others take an edible or apply a tincture. Some people cannot smoke for health or personal reasons, and that’s OK! The beauty of cannabis is that it is totally up to you how you choose to consume it. The main difference between smoking compared to consuming an edible or tincture is the high.


  • Offers a more immediate high
  • Travels to the brain quicker
  • Can cause throat irritation
  • High doesn’t last that long


  • Offers a more delayed high (30 min-1 hour before it takes effect)
  • Hard to gauge how much to take if you are new to cannabis
  • Travels to the brain slower because it has to travel to the stomach, then the liver
  • High is prolonged

Alternatives to Smoking Cannabis

Edibles: Nowadays cannabis has been put into everything. There are gummies, chocolate bars, drinks, pills, syrups, the possibilities are endless. The variety of options also applies to the reason for medicating like insomnia, anxiety, pain, and more. These products are great options for your specific needs:

5:1 Midnight Blueberry (20mg CBN/100mg THC)

Best For: Sleep/Relaxation

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1:1 Bliss [20pk] (100mg CBD/100mg THC)

Best For: Anxiety/Mood/Creativity/New To Cannabis

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1:1 Strawberry Margarita (50mg CBD/50mg THC)

Best For: Stimulation/Creativity/Energizing

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Karamel Apple (250mg)

Best For: Everyday High/Fun/Going Out

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