Medical marijuana

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Medical Marijuana

6 Easy Remedies for Cottonmouth

You just medicated. You’re trying to talk, but your tongue is stuck, your throat’s a desert, and you suddenly relate wholeheartedly to Buddy the Elf after popping cotton balls in his mouth.

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Terpenes in cannabis
Cannabis 101

Surprising facts about the 8 terpenes in cannabis

What are terpenes in cannabis? Terpenes are the aromatic chemical compounds found in food and plants responsible for providing flavor and scent. There’s a common misconception that flower being indica, sativa, or hybrid solely determines

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Medical Marijuana

Ways to Medicate If You Don’t Smoke

What are ways to Medicate if you don’t smoke? Every patient has their own medicating routine. Some smoke, some dab, others take an edible or apply a tincture. Some people cannot smoke for health or

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