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How to Quickly Get Rid of Cannabis Odor

Here are the Best Ways to Get Rid of Cannabis Odor

While we all appreciate the plant that is cannabis, the smell can be obnoxious or cause issues in our daily life. Due to the different scent profiles of strains, different smells come from burning weed. Like anything else you smoke, cannabis scents can linger on furniture, carpet, and clothes; and can be hard to remove. Even if you don’t medicate, but someone in your house does (or you are a caregiver for someone who does), these tips and tricks will help to get rid of cannabis odor and how to hide smoke smell. 

  • Odor removing spray
    • If you don’t like the smell of conventional sprays and want a cleaner and safer method for your house, try an eco-friendly brand with organic ingredients. Be careful of your pets if you use a spray with essential oils! 
  • Odor removing candle/ wall plugin
    • Any candle should work just fine, but there are candles specifically made to remove the smell of cannabis.
  • Incense
    • There are so many choices of incense to choose. It’s worth noting that this method is intended to overpower the weed smell, so if you don’t like dominating smells, you may not want to burn incense.
  • Ventilation, ventilation, VENTILATION
    • The trick to getting rid of that lingering smell of marijuana is to ensure the smoke is thoroughly ventilated before, during, and after smoking. That way, the smoke does not have time to settle. 
  • Practice good hygiene 
    • If you’re in a rush and can’t brush your teeth after smoking, pop a breath mint or chew some gum
    • Cover the smell in your hair with hairspray or dry shampoo
    • Put on perfume or cologne
  • Store your stash in air-tight jars and resealable bags
  • Use hand sanitizer 
  • Use a sploof
    • A sploof is a DIY scent masker you blow into when smoking. Sploofs are an old-school pot smoker trick to get rid of cannabis odor. They are made with a toilet paper roll, a dryer sheet, and tied with a rubber band.

How to Get Rid of Cannabis Odor from a Car

  • Ventilation
  • Car freshener
  • Leave windows cracked
  • If you have fabric seats, spray with scent remover

How to Get Rid of Cannabis Odor in Clothes

  • Hang it up outside 
  • Use white vinegar during the rinse cycle
  • Soak in baking soda, or coat on clothing before washing
  • Put in the dryer with one or two dryer sheets

The key to getting rid of that pesky weed odor is to make sure you’re ventilating your smoke area properly and trapping as minimal smoke as possible. It is more difficult to lift when it has had time to permeate your clothes, body, and furniture. Especially in confined spaces. If weed smoke is an issue for where you live or who you’re living with, consider medicating with edibles, tinctures, or vapes, which are almost odorless. Depending on the time you have to mask the smell, you can deep clean your smoking area with isopropyl alcohol and sanitizing wipes, which will help tremendously.

Get Rid of Cannabis Odor

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