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Does Weed Go Bad & How Long Can it Last?

What does dry weed look like?

When it gets old, weed can dry out, flake, and crumble. Dry weed also tends to be odorless, or has a very minimal terpene smell. It may also lack the color or turn a brown shade.

How to store different types of weed:

Flower: You probably got the gist by now, but keep your flower in a cool and dark place. Sealable
containers or glass jars are great storage containers for your nugs.
Edibles: Make sure your edibles are stored in a cool environment in its original packaging. Edibles like
other treats and candy can melt easily. If the packaging cannot be resealed easily, try storing it in a
plastic bag.
Concentrates: To preserve the terpenes and quality of your concentrates, it’s best to store them in a
refrigerator. However, if you are low on space, a cool dark place should work fine, just make sure to
NEVER have them lying upside down or on their side. Always have your extracts facing upright when
Vape Pens/Cartridges: Additionally, vapes should also sit upright when stored in a cool place. It is not
ideal to have your carts just strewn about in a drawer or lying in direct sunlight. It is super important you
do not leave your cartridge in your car too. Not only will sunlight damage the oil, it could also cause the
glass to shatter.

Weed is not cheap, so why not make the most of your stash and keep it stored properly! It might last you
longer than you think. Although the flower in our stores is quality, it’s up to the patient to ensure their

When does weed go bad?
Photo by Terrance Barksdale

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