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How the Same Strain Affects People Differently

Will is a medical marijuana patient who frequently consumes the strain Durban Poison. His friend Skyler who is new to cannabis just received her medical card and is unsure what she needs. Will recommends Durban Poison to her as he has consumed it many times before and feels it provides him the benefits he needs. Skyler purchases and consumes this particular strain, but she starts to feel anxious, restless, and more onsets of a bad high. Why did the same strain affect Will and Skyler differently? 

Contributing Factors


Differences in hormones as well as muscle and fatty tissue composition play a role in cannabis consumption. A recent vaping study of infrequent users found that females had higher THC blood concentrations than males when given identical doses. Females also had greater intensity of negative symptoms (anxiety, heart racing, and restlessness) than males. In another study, females experienced more dizziness, anxiety, and visuospatial memory impairment than males. Due to this biological difference in THC absorption, women should consider micro-dosing at 100mg and build up to their preferred dosage. 

Body Weight:

Much like the influence of muscle and fatty tissue composition in the same sexes, the same dose of cannabis will have different effects on different body weights. 


Due to changes in protein binding, metabolism, and renal excretion as we age, the effects of any substance can change for an individual throughout the process of aging

Mental Health: 

Cannabis can affect individuals differently depending on mental health conditions, such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression. An individual already in a distressed mental state may have a higher chance of experiencing a bad high. 

OTC Drugs: 

There is insufficient research to truly understand the interactions between cannabis and over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medications. These interactions could affect the intensity of the high in individuals. 

The way cannabis affects each of us can range in symptoms and intensity. Using the same strain with the same consumption method can produce different effects because of our lifestyle, biological makeup, and our consumption of other OTC drugs. 

Talk to experts to find the best solution for you

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How the Same Strain Affects People Differently

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