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3 Powerful Connections Between the LGBTQ+ Community and Marijuana

The historical connection between the LGBTQ+ Community and Marijuana

The LGBTQ+ Community and Marijuana have a shared history, as both are intwined in a struggle for legal and social validation. Historically, both marijuana and the LGBTQ+ community have been embroiled in a constant battle for legal and social validation. While cannabis is medicinally legal in Oklahoma, the struggle continues as we overcome societal prejudices and stereotypes. We want to acknowledge the greater struggle as our courageous friends still fight for identity equality. This month, we reflect and honor activists like Dennis Peron, Harvey Milk, and Paul Scott, who had a significant influence on the cannabis legalization movement.

California Proposition 6 of 1978

Openly-gay politician Harvey Milk was an important early advocate for human rights and identity, as well as being an advocate for cannabis use and rights. Even though he personally took a hiatus from cannabis use in 1975, he continued to fight for its legalization in a 1978 campaign known as Proposition W. This policy statement forcefully called on San Francisco’s district attorney and chief of police to stop arresting people who cultivate, traffic, or possess marijuana. Though California legislation ultimately decided to continue cannabis prohibition, Milk’s tireless efforts were picked up and carried on by Dennis Peron years later.

HIV/AIDS Epidemic

Due to the 80’s HIV/AIDS outbreak, many people were in dire need of relief from their chronic pain and depression related to the symptoms these diseases inevitably bring. Activists urged the State of California for a solution that would help chronically and terminally ill patients. As these early patients sought relief through medicinal cannabis use — which was clinically proven to provide that relief — they had very few pathways to safely, legally obtain access to it.

Compassionate Use Act of 1996

Dennis Peron, an American activist and businessman, ushered in the first medical marijuana referendum known as the Compassionate Use Act, which allows physicians to prescribe medical marijuana licenses to persons suffering from AIDS, cancer, and more despite the lack of FDA regulation. Peron then opened the Cannabis Buyers’ Club, a first-of-it’s-kind medical dispensary focused on helping terminally ill patients.

Continuing the Legacy of the LGBTQ+ Community and Marijuana

Another advocate for the LGBTQ+ Community and Marijuana was a pupil of Dennis Peron was Paul Scott. Scott sought to pave his path of advocacy and ensure terminally ill patients continued to have safe legal access to cannabis. Inspired by the San Fransisco Buyer’s Club, he helped create the first Inglewood medical marijuana facility in Inglewood. Scott also helped found the Los Angeles’ Black Gay Pride organization. To this day, he continues to advocate for queer POC.

Most legal marijuana legislation (especially in California) is attributed to the relentless efforts of the LGBTQ+ community. The month of June, also known as Pride Month, is the perfect time to bring awareness to the courageous individuals who helped bring medical cannabis into the hands of patients who needed it. Now, thanks largely to their efforts and those of other pioneers, you can freely and legally shop for your medical marijuana needs at the largest cannabis superstores in Oklahoma, and find the products you need with the help of our friendly, professional budtenders.

LGBTQ cannabis history

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