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The MANGO cannabis origin storY

Mango's Story

or How Kevin and Mike Came to Oklahoma

Like most things, Mango Cannabis started small. Brothers-in-law Kevin Pattah and Mike Khemmoro started their work with an extreme passion and respect for the healing properties of cannabis, and became cannabis cultivators and caregivers in 2010 in their home state of Michigan. They were on a mission to grow the best cannabis in the world and sought genetics from around the globe, and through years of work, assembled one of the world’s largest libraries of clones and seeds. They connected with the best cultivators and breeders and traded, bought, and sold genetics to keep the heirloom cultivars alive.

But the dream was short lived in Michigan as new strict licensing laws ensured that only the dispensaries, commercial cultivators, and processors with millions of dollars in reserve would survive. Local entrepreneurs never had a chance as large, publicly traded companies from all over the world descended into Michigan.

A New Chance in Oklahoma

It was a blow to the gut, and there was nothing they could do until 2018 when Oklahoma passed SQ788, allowing most entrepreneurs to qualify for a commercial license. It was a game changer, and they packed their bags and moved to Oklahoma in hopes to keep the dream alive and continue to be cannabis operators.

With a loan from an Oklahoma family friend, Kevin and Mike started their dream again with the goal to become the best cannabis retail operator, this time in Oklahoma, and give consumers an experience they couldn’t find anywhere else. They had high hopes but low expectations. There was a lot of competition—more than anywhere in the country. It was nerve-wracking and worrisome, and they worked 100+ hours a week to build a team of all-star managers, buyers and budtenders. Every dollar spent at Mango was returned to the company, its team members, and Oklahoma.

What's In A Name?

The name Mango Cannabis came about from months of brainstorming and trying to think of a unique name that represented their idea of doing business differently in the cannabis world. The name had to be related to cannabis but not corporate. One day after a smoking session with some old-school original Triangle Kush, Kevin and Mike were raiding their pantry and all they could find were mangos, but a light clicked on. Mangos are loaded with myrcene, the most common terpene found in cannabis and it plays a significant part with all the other cannabinoids.

Mango = Myrcene = Great Cannabis

And the rest is history! Thanks to friends, family and the amazing cannabis advocates in Oklahoma, the future of Kevin and Mike’s dream of sharing the healing powers of cannabis has become a reality and continues to have a bright future in the Sooner State.

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