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Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary Lawton

Here at Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary in Lawton, Oklahoma, we offer the finest medical marijuana products in all of Comanche County. We value the community we serve of southern Oklahoma with our wide selection of high-end Indica, Sativa, as well as hybrid flower from some of the best strains. Order from Mango Cannabis and pick it up in-store or curbside in Lawton today!  — stop in today! All first-time Mango Cannabis customers receive a 20% discount!

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1201 NW Sheridan Rd
Lawton, OK 73505

Phone: (580) 699-5414

Sun – Thurs: 10AM – 10PM
Fri – Sat: 10AM – 12AM

Lawton Premier Medical Weed Dispensary

Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary Lawton is located at 1201 NW Sheridan Rd, Lawton, OK 73505, at the corner of NW Sheridan Rd and NW Elm Ave. Our inviting medical marijuana dispensary is conveniently located in Lawton, just West of Liberty Lake Park and Northeast of Comanche County Memorial Hospital. As the top-rated medical marijuana dispensary near Lawton, we work in full compliance with Oklahoma State Question 788 and all other Oklahoma laws. Additionally, we provide a well-informed and pleasant experience for all patients across Comanche county. At Mango Cannabis, our mission is to provide reliable and ethical access to top-of-the-line marijuana products to all cannabis users in Oklahoma.

Why choose Mango Cannabis in Lawton, OK

Here at Mango Cannabis, you can expect to find cannabis products that are high quality and competitively priced. For example, our THC concentrates range from crumble, live resins, diamonds, hash rosins, badders, shatters, waxes, and much more. We know that you will adore our range of THC and CBD products, including flower, concentrates, vape cartridges, edibles, accessories such as bongs and papers, and even Mango accessories and merchandise. We do more than just beat neighboring dispensaries in price and quality. As a bonus to our product offerings, Mango Cannabis is also known for its top-notch customer service. Our dedicated budtenders will help find you the best medical marijuana products to suit your unique needs. 


Mango Cannabis provides all medical patients with the best overall marijuana purchasing experience, from our products to our customer service, by testing our cannabis regularly and taking in customer feedback. As our budtenders get to know you, they will use their product knowledge to pair you with products and be vigilant to your concerns. Mango Cannabis cares about you and your experience every step of the way – through the products we provide, the experts that assist you through your journey, all the way to the environment in our stores. Our Lawton team is focused on helping you feel safe and welcome. We ensure that you have a perfect experience throughout your entire journey—Shop Mango Cannabis for Lawton’s best selection of medical marijuana products.

Areas We Serve

Our marijuana store in Lawton is a one-stop-shop for all of your cannabis needs! As the top-rated medical cannabis dispensary in Lawton, Oklahoma, we are honored to serve the following cities and communities with our top of the line service as well as our fantastic weed products:

  1. Lawton
  2. Meers
  3. Fort Sill
  4. Medicine Park
  5. Cache
  6. Geronimo
  7. Pumpkin Center
  8. Elgin
  9. Sterling
  10. Bethel

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Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary Lawton strives to provide the residents of Comanche County with medical marijuana unlike any other dispensary in Oklahoma. Mango Cannabis’s targeted approach to medical marijuana is what sets us apart from the plethora of Oklahoma dispensaries. By catering your experience at Mango to your specific needs, we not only achieve an unprecedented level of customer service, but we can quickly help you locate the correct product saving you time, money, and stress. With our range of products and knowledge of weed, we provide you with honest and trustworthy recommendations. If you are searching for an expert guide, visit us at Mango Cannabis Medical Weed Dispensary near Lawton, OK, today!