Does Weed Go Bad & How Long Can it Last?

When does weed go bad?

What does dry weed look like? When it gets old, weed can dry out, flake, and crumble. Dry weed also tends to be odorless, or has a very minimal terpene smell. It may also lack the color or turn a brown shade. How to store different types of weed: Flower: You probably got the gist […]

How to Quickly Get Rid of Cannabis Odor

Get Rid of Cannabis Odor

The smell of weed can be a connoisseurs delight. And it can also be a pain in the ass. Here are proven ways, tips and tricks to help get rid of cannabis odor. 

How to Roll the Perfect Blunt in 5 Easy Steps

How to Roll the Perfect Blunt There can be nothing more satisfying than a perfectly rolled blunt. The tobacco leaves make the perfect flavor compliment to the right flower. Gather what you need: 5 simple steps to roll the perfect blunt 1. Split your stick While the concept alone out of context sounds weird (try […]

Surprising facts about the 8 terpenes in cannabis

Terpenes in cannabis

What are terpenes in cannabis? Terpenes are the aromatic chemical compounds found in food and plants responsible for providing flavor and scent. There’s a common misconception that flower being indica, sativa, or hybrid solely determines its effect. Terpenes are one of the main ways to differentiate strains from each other because they play a part […]

6 Ways to Come Down from Overmedicating

Overmedicating can be stressful

Whether you’re new to cannabis or have medicated for a long time, it’s not uncommon to overdo it. It can be a very stressful experience, but there are ways to sober up from a bad high.  Why overmedicating happens Overmedicating is usually caused by consuming a higher dose than the functional limit of your body. […]

How the Same Strain Affects People Differently

How the Same Strain Affects People Differently

Will is a medical marijuana patient who frequently consumes the strain Durban Poison. His friend Skyler who is new to cannabis just received her medical card and is unsure what she needs. Will recommends Durban Poison to her as he has consumed it many times before and feels it provides him the benefits he needs. […]

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